José Castellano Bordón It all began in 1958 when, at the age of 17 and without any economic resources, our founder, José Antonio Castellano Bordón, began his business career in the wholesale and retail of building materials together with his father. The commercial family business Almacenes Caspe S.A. was born. He was the head of this company and of other associated companies for several decades and was able to take them to the top and keep them at the highest level within the sector throughout the period when he was in charge of the management.

As the family business was growing, he could increase his personal wealth thanks to the acquisition of real estate assets through purchases and own developments and even through exchanges in order to acquire properties which he managed as a natural person for their subsequent rental or sale. Towards the end of the '90s, he devoted himself fully to this activity, coinciding with the sale of his shares in Caspe S.A.

José Castellano Bordón continued his efforts to acquire further property to be rented out, always working as a natural person until he decided to set up a capital venture company, José Castellano 2003 e hijos S.L. Today, this company is the parent undertaking of the current group and the incorporation of younger generations aims to standardise management and unify the corporate image of the different companies, assets and stakes of the family owners.

Our founder has always been strongly opposed to the assumption of debts, as an economic principle, and always believed in a gradual approach, based on savings and self-funding. This is why today we are lucky to be able to rely on a solvent group, which is well diverisfied and has a strong presence on the market.